Our Services

We rise by lifting others

Our services

At TEBRA, we believe the undertaking must be focused on the customer. We firmly believe that our future depends upon the quality of product and service we provide. If we have the opportunity to work with your company then we would expect you to find us:

Amenable and affordable


Fast and accommodating

Truthful and open

To be successful in our chosen markets, we must continually meet, and strive to exceed, our customer’s expectations.


We make a promise to our customers to use our best effort to offer complete customer satisfaction, whilst at the same time offering the best value for money available.



What we do

Since 1997, TEBRA has been involved in providing a better and safer tomorrow by introducing the concept of road safety. We pioneer in the business of supplying road speed limiters and complete modification of school buses as per the RTA, DOT and ESMA Rules and Regulations.


We are proud to be associated with leading European companies. The product portfolio ranges from speed limiters and stop arms and Fuel Security Devices to Emission control systems and Fire Detection & Suppression System.


Our strong network & support systems are spread across UAE and GCC ensuring complete satisfaction of our clients.


The Green Factor

Did you know that?

Fuel savings of up to 25% are achieved by reducing the top speed or by controlling the rate of acceleration of the vehicle (top speed or rev control)

Increasing speed from 40-60mph results in a 34% increase in fuel consumption

Proven test figures as achieved by an articulated vehicle (32 ton) on motorway operation

Fitting Romatic road speed controls results in real savings, both in terms of fuel and CO2.ton) on motorway operation)

Warranties & Liability

All Romatic products are covered by a three year warranty (or 150,000km).

Autokontrol also carries substantial liability insurance (subject to our terms and conditions).


Quality Assurance

Company Quality Policy

Autokontrol’s objective is to satisfy customers’ requirements first time, on time, every time and to do so in a cost-effective manner.

To achieve this we:

Listen to our customers carefully and understand their requirements

Communicate clearly and honestly with each other, and with our customers

Never make promises we can’t keep

Co-operate with each other to ensure that problems are promptly solved and customers’ requirements are met

Adopt a positive approach to improving all areas of the company’s business

Take a personal and collective pride in our work

Ensure that legislative and regulatory requirements are understood within the company

Continually improve the effectiveness of the company’s Quality Management System

Every product is manufactured for quality and reliability, surpassing the exacting standards of BS EN ISO 9001: 2008.

We have virtually zero warranty returns allowing us to offer a generous 3-year warranty.