Fire Suppression System

Automotive Thermostats

Threaded thermostats designed exclusively for the automobile industry, monitoring temperature variations in the most extreme conditions. The thermostat will open or close the electrical circuit when the response temperature is reached.  It will then re-open or close when the temperature resets.

TEBRA offers customizable versions – NO, NC, or 2 temperature options. The operating temperature range is -20°C to 140°C.

Small switching differential in brass housing with various thread and wrench sizes. 6-48 V DC max. 8A max. 100W, floating.


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Precision Thermostats


Firedect’s M16 precision thermostats are characterized by a compact design and fixed switching point. They can be used as either a temperature sensor or a thermostat, set to low tolerance and hysteresis. A bimetal snap disk in the thermostat, once activated, will open or close the electrical circuit at the predetermined temperature. The temperature is permanently set and cannot be changed.


Firedect’s reliable precision thermostats are resistant to shock, acceleration, and vibration. We supply customized thermostats, designed to your specifications with different connectors, casings, or mountings.


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½ “ Housed-Thermostats


16A / 250VAC 10,000 switching cycles. NO, NC, and changeover options. Manual reset, self-latching. Temperature range from -20°C to +240°C with different connection and mounting options.


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Thermal Switches


Thermal switches are ideal for mounting directly in motors, transformers, and domestic appliances, and have universal applications in daily life. The circuit opens when the response temperature is reached and closes automatically when the temperature returns to normal.

Stability of operating temperatures, mechanical resistance to external pressure, small size, isolated housing (M03 with Epoxy Resin Coating), can be assembled with cabling.

2.5A (1.6A) / 250 V AC NC
50°C to 160°C; remote or wire connections.


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Fire detectors



Spot Fire Detectors


Fast-response temperature sensor with a bimetal snap disk. The sensor is available with plastic casing (PA66) or Teflon casing (PTFE). The sensor is resistant to water and dust (IP65, IP68, or IP69K). We can provide a mounting flange for the engine compartment upon request.


  • Test Capability
  • Variable Temperature Range
  • Extendable Sensor Chain


Linear Heat Detectors (Linear Detector)


The Protectowire linear detector is a sensor cable with two metal conductors separated by a heat-sensitive polymer. In the event of a fire, the polymer melts and the metal conductors come into contact with each other, sending a signal to firedect’s control unit, which will trigger an alarm.

The Linear Detector has many temperature ranges and cable types which make it ideal for any application. The sensor cable is available for the following classes:

  • EPC (Universal Application / Industrial & Commercial)
  • EPR (Weather-Proof / High Temperature)
  • TRI (Early Warning System)
  • XCR (Abrasion and Chemical Resistance)
  • XLT (Universal Application / Low Temperature)



  • Easy Assembly
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Large Area Coverage


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Optical Smoke Detectors


For Buses, Coaches, and Specialty Vehicles

When a fire starts in a vehicle, the combustion of solids can produce smoke before flames are visible. Smoke particles scatter the light in the optical path of the smoke detector, providing early detection, and a signal will be sent to the vehicle operator.

The signals from multiple detectors are transmitted via a sensor chain to the central fire alarm system. The detectors are theft and tamper resistant and are self-monitoring.

The output is floating and can be NO, NC, or changeover contact with a switching capacity of 50 mA at 24 VDC. Firedect smoke detectors are designed specifically for use in buses.


  • E-Certificate E13 10R00 10R03 12710 00


inside smoke detectors

Inside Smoke Detectors

Fire Alarm Display IM100


Fire Alarm Display

For Buses, Coaches, Trucks, and Specialty Vehicles


The firedect fire alarm display IM100 is designed to intelligently monitor the unmanned, closed spaces in vehicles. With the ability to connect several smoke and fire detectors, the firedect warning system is a reliable partner for protection against fires.

The IM100 monitors the status of up to 50 detectors and will alert the vehicle operator visually and with an audible alarm signal. Lights and buttons are integrated into the display unit. In addition to the power supply and the sensor chain inputs, the central fire alarm system also has a digital output for connecting external alarm devices or a telematics unit.

The fire alarm display IM100 is a proprietary development from firedect. The IM100 is specifically approved for the automotive sector, fulfills the requirements of UN/ECE Regulation 107 and has already proven effective in local public transport. It is also possible for use in specialty vehicles, aerospace and maritime industries.


12/24 V DC power supply required.

Suppression system

Suppression system

Protecting the Engine
In Buses, Trucks, and Specialty Vehicles


The system consists of a bottle of extinguishing agent, a bottle of Nitrogen, high-pressure pipeline and nozzles, a control unit, detectors, and the fire alarm display. More than one kind of detector can be connected to the system.

The automatic suppression system is self-monitoring and will report any deviation or pressure drop directly to the vehicle operator. This will prevent false alarms. The system is guaranteed for 8 years, maintenance-free, and is can be annually tested without loss of extinguishing agent.

Water mist is the most effective extinguishing agent for enclosed spaces, but has also proven effective in areas of heavy ventilation. Consider our tests with air flow rates from 1.5 m3/s and 3 m3/s.

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