Fuel Security System

The TankSafe Fuel Security and Safety Range




The MOST effective anti-siphon at preventing 3rd party theft


Effective in preventing siphoning.

However, if you fill to the top, a thief could still potentially skim some of the fuel from the tank (i.e. to the depth of the anti-siphon).

This type of anti-siphon device prevents theft but DOES NOT PREVENT SKIMMING on a regular basis of small amounts of diesel.



The ONLY Device to completely stop any siphoning, skimming and diesel spills


The float-valve prevents skimming or siphoning of ANY fuel from the tank – even small amounts that may go unnoticed by fuel monitoring systems.

During filling, the pressure of fuel flowing in pushes the float ball down to allow fuel to enter the tank.

However, when you have finished filling, the float ball is pushed up and prevents siphoning of any diesel.

Tank Safe For Vans


tanksafevans100% Fuel Tank Protection for Vans


With models exclusively available globally through Iveco and approved by Mercedes, TISS’ Award-Winning TankSafe Anti-Siphon is the most effective fuel security for Light Commercial Vehicles.


  • Most Effective Anti-Siphon – short design and solid ‘Dome’ base ensures no fuel can be siphoned
  • Solid ‘Dome’ base – cannot be displaced nor bypassed by small siphoning tubes to access fuel in the tank
  • Quality Manufacture – UK Manufacture using 100% Aluminium and complies with Manufacturing Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2000
  • Secure Fitting – Permanent Adhesive fitting to ensure the Device cannot be removed
  • Fast Filling – Can be filled with both Forecourt and Commercial Filler Fuel Pumps



products-reefersafeSpecial design to protect Refrigerated Trailer Tanks.


  • Prevents Siphoning – Unique design means it’s highly effective in preventing 3rd party theft
  • Attack-Proof – 100% Aluminium manufacture ensures the device is completely attack-proof
  • Range of Systems – Devices to fit to all types of Reefer tanks
  • Easy to Fit – Can be fitted in less than 2 minutes. Both Permanent or Transferrable fitting methods available
  • Rapid Filling – Tested at flow rates up to 120 litres per minute
  • Long Lasting – 3-year Guarantee
  • Quality Manufacture – Complies to manufacturing standard: BS EN ISO 9001:2000



Robust protection for your Sender unit

  • Prevents Siphoning – Stops fuel being siphoned through the Sender Unit
  • Prevents Damage – Provides protection to the Sender Unit when using the catwalk
  • Robust Manufacture – 100% Aluminium design ensures SenderSafe cannot be damaged
  • Secure fitting – securely bonded to the top of the fuel tank
  • Easy to Fit – SenderSafe can be retrofitted or supplied at newbuild
  • Fits all Fuel Tanks – supplied for both Rectangular and Circular models

Plant Safe

Completely prevent all siphoning and spills from Plant Equipment and Machinery.


  • Protects fuel in equipment left in unmanned and unsecure sites.
  • Prevents hazardous diesel spills caused when the plant machinery is in use.
  • Range of devices to fit to all models of Plant Equipment and Machinery.


The PlantSafe devices are specially modified versions of TISS’ market-leading TankSafe range. With plant equipment frequently left unmanned and in unsecured locations, they are highly susceptible to opportunist 3rd party fuel thieves. The devices fit into all plant machinery and utilise a unique float-valve that locks off once the tank is full meaning no fuel can be siphoned and no spills can occur.

Curtain Safe

The security of a box trailer; the flexibility of a curtain sider



  • Prevents theft – Slash resistant Kevlar material prevents thieves gaining access to loads
  • Increases Curtain’s Lifespan – Prevents internal damage to curtains during loading/unloading and shifting loads in transit
  • Saves money – Reduces need for costly repairs or replacement of curtains
  • Lightweight & Flexible – Lightweight material does not impede curtains when they are scrolled back unlike chainmail and bodyarmour systems
  • Secure & Discreet Fitting – Heat welded to inside of curtains so material
    is not visible from outside
  • Easy to Fit – Can be retrofit or supplied at refurb or new build
  • 28,000 Trailers fitted – Customers include: Wincanton, Asda, Nestle,
    Interbrew, Electrolux
  • Range of Protection – Material can be supplied at 0.75 meter, 1m, 1.5m,
    2m or 3m high


Boat Safe

TISS’ award-winning anti-siphon designed for Leisure Craft


With the waterways authority restricting the use of red diesel on inland waterways and forcing Boats to utilise white diesel, Leisure Craft are becoming a more common target for diesel thieves.


  • Prevents siphoning – Short neck protects the fuel in the tank.
  • Environmentally friendly – Preventing hazardous diesel spills.
  • Prevents contamination – Contains removable filter to prevent diesel contamination.
  • Robust Device – Manufactured from 100% Aluminium.
  • Easy to fit – Fits to any Leisure Craft in just 2 minutes.

Coded LockNut Security

Complete Protection for all Fuel Access Points


22mmdrainplugsml2Whilst the TankSafe ‘Impregnable’ and SenderSafe protect the main access points for fuel theft, the most determined thieves may attempt to steal fuel from other more inaccessible points including Fuel Filters and Drain Plugs. TISS’ Coded LockNuts prevent this occurring.


  • Unique Coded Lock – LockNuts can only be removed using Unique Locking Key
  • Robust Design – Steel Manufacture with Nickel Coating to prevent corrosion
  • Easy to Fit – LockNuts simply replace the existing Plugs and Nuts
  • Comprehensive range – Available for all Fuel Tanks and Access Points, including:
    Drain Plugs – Fuel Filters – Fuel Pipes – Tank Straps

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