Charging System (I-charge)


A mobile charger is a unique and innovative product that assures smooth, continuous connectivity to your customers, and uninterrupted business to your enterprise.


An innovative Mobile and Tablet charger useful for restaurants, hotel and other places where the customers wait for their turn to be attended. The charger can be offered to customers as an add on and they can wait to avail the service without bothering about running out of battery or parting the device for charging. The customer is assured continuous connectivity while waiting for the service.



Offers a value-added service to your customers

Customers don’t have to hand over the phone. Security Assured

Continuous connectivity to your customers means added business to you


Comes in tower of 6 or 12 chargers

Ability to charge multiple phone brands like Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, LG, Nokia, etc.

All connectors are original.

A fully charged battery can charge 3 phones

A phone is fully charged in less than 20 mts

Possible to charge only with the tower. So no chance of stealing

Upgradable with future technologies

1 year warranty


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