Our Products

  •   Tank Safe (for trucks): To completely stop any siphoning, skimming and diesel spills in trucks
  •   Tank Safe (for vans): To completely stop any siphoning, skimming and diesel spills in vans
  •   Reefer Safe: Special design to protect Refrigerated Trailer Tanks
  •   Sender Safe: Stops fuel being siphoned through the Sender Unit
  •   Plant Safe: Completely prevent all siphoning and spills from Plant Equipment and Machinery. Protects fuel in equipment left in unmanned and unsecure sites.
  •   Curtain Safe The security of a box trailer; the flexibility of a curtain sider
  •   Boat Safe: Special design to protect Leisure craft Tanks
  •   Lock Nut: Complete protection for all fuel access points.

Thermal Insulation System

  •   Thermal Insulation Parts: Multi-layered, light insulation technology protects also temperature-sensitive components in the engine compartment by keeping the heat energy in the exhaust pipeline and improving the performance of the exhaust system
  •   Thermal component production equipment: Corrugated Foil roller, PTC Production Line, Plasma Cutting Cell

Fire Suppression System

  •   Temperature Sensors: To automatically control & maintain a minimum operating temperature in your car’s engine
    • Automotive Thermostats: Will open or close the electrical circuit when the response temperature is reached. It will then re-open or close when the temperature resets (-20°C to 140°C)
    • Precision Thermostats:  Characterized by a compact design and fixed switching point. They can be used as either a temperature sensor or a thermostat, set to low tolerance and hysteresis.
    • 1/2″-Housed Thermostats: Self-latching thermostats with manual resetting options for temperature from -20°C to +240°C
    • Thermal switches: Ideal for mounting directly in motors, transformers, and domestic appliances
  •   Fire Protection system:
    • Fire detector: Fast-response temperature sensor
    • Optical Smoke detector: When a fire starts in a vehicle, the combustion of solids can produce smoke before flames are visible. Smoke particles scatter the light in the optical path of the smoke detector, providing early detection
    • Fire alarm display: To intelligently monitor the unmanned, closed spaces in vehicles. With the ability to connect several smoke and fire detectors, this warning system is a reliable partner for protection against fires.
    • Suppression system: It is self-monitoring and will report any deviation or pressure drop directly to the vehicle operator. This will prevent false alarms.

 LED Destination Board:  Destination information displayed with Scrolling effects & in-built SOS alarm system

 Stop Arm for School Bus:  Mounted on the outside (driver side) of the vehicle and is used to stop traffic when bus doors are OPENED and occupants are exiting to cross the road

 Charging System (I-charge): A unique and innovative product that assures smooth, continuous connectivity to your customers, and uninterrupted business to your enterprise.