Safety Management Solutions

Hazardous materials are a part of our everyday life, from self-care products to manufacturing. Moved by land, sea and air, they can cause significant harm in the wrong hands, so collaboration is essential to ensure their safe transportation; this however, can be an incredibly complex and challenging task, especially when hazmats are being transported around the globe. While there are a myriad of regulations and obligations across different jurisdictions to consider, risks can be mitigated by having a thorough understanding of your obligations.

Tebra I.T. Solutions provides the following Safety Management Solutions for easy transportation of HAZMAT/ Dangerous Goods.


    • SaaS (web based) and mobile Software solutions to assist in the transportation of HAZMAT/ Dangerous Goods transported by Air, Road and Sea by providing compliant to TDG, IATA, IMDG, DOT 49 CFR.


    • Optimum packaging for HAZMAT / Dangerous Goods transport; Review, Create Safety Data Sheets, Create HAZMAT/ Dangerous Goods Declarations, Calculate placards for LTL loads, Segregate LTC IMDG loads, Design solutions to reposition HAZMAT/Dangerous Goods and 2nd opinion services.


    • Oversight of domestic and international regulations to assist our clients in ensuring regulatory compliance and reducing time and labour costs in the preparation of hazardous materials for transportation.


    • Multi-model solution build with the latest IoT and Cloud Technologies, making it easy to integrate to ERP systems – like SAP.


    • Designed to work with each of the five regulation sets (49CFR, IMDG, IATA, TDG, ADR).