Thermal Insulation System

Thermal Insulation Parts


Proventia’s integrated insulation parts are engineered, designed and manufactured in a shape that fits the component to be insulated. The insulation parts will be delivered assembly-ready to your facility. The insulation parts can be used for exhaust manifolds, turbo insulations, complete exhaust pipelines and systems, for instance.


The same insulation concept is suitable for any components where high insulation efficiency and low surface temperature combined with low weight and easy shaping are required, for instance engine room heat and sound insulations and fire protection inside and outside the engine compartment.

How does it work?


Proventia Thermal Components insulation is comprised of thin stainless steel outer shells with layered fibre wool insulation material, making it extremely lightweight, yet very durable; therefore Proventia Thermal Components insulation is suitable for the restricted space of compartments. The components are easy to shape into any complex form with cost-effective tooling. The thermal components feature rapid, easy installation with a folded seam.

Key features


  • Reduced heat transfer to engine compartment
  • Can be shaped into any complex form
  • Suitable for tight spaces
  • Contributes to optimal operation of EAT system

Thermal components assembly service


We provide also integral insulation parts engineered, designed and manufactured in a shape that fits the component to be insulated, including the final assembly on the components.

For more information: Thermal Components  Download PDF

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Thermal Component Production Equipment


Through our sister company JOT Automation, Proventia has a long history and a great deal of experience in developing efficient manufacturing solutions. We have used this expertise to develop the production equipment and line for Proventia Thermal Components (PTC). We offer our customers a complete set of modular production equipment for the cost-effective and flexible production of thermal components. Our services include on-site installation and comprehensive training and technical support for the equipment.

Low manufacturing start-up costs


The Proventia PTC production line enables low manufacturing start-up costs as well as quick and flexible serial production. Proventia Thermal Component production equipment guarantees the cost-effective, rapid, flexible and precise production of both small and large series of thermal components – also at your factory.

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